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A Wolf’s Eyes

Plain Jane Applebottom is an almost thirty-year-old virgin. There may not be an actual barrier there, but the only experience she’s had came from books and a few ice cream induced fantasies. She fills her life running the bookstore left her by her father, but she dreams of a man who will appreciate her generous curves and generous heart.

Donovan “Van” Wolfe is a werewolf who doesn’t like people. People lead to caring which, in his experience, can only lead to hurt. But there’s something about Jane, with her innocence and skepticism, and he’s determined to show her just how sexy and irresistible he finds her.

When their romantic evening is shattered by an attempt on their lives, Van and Jane run for shelter to Van’s fortified home. Stranded there with Van’s younger brother, Aiden, and his best friend, a beautiful vampire named Kalista, they are surrounded by danger while Aiden and Kali work desperately to discover who instigated the hit that may cost them their lives. Not knowing who to trust, they cling to each other and embark on a sexual journey that entwines them mind, body and heart.